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The Trust Platform That Never Holds You Back


Criminals don’t wait for development cycles, and neither should your defenses. Test and adjust strategies in real time, leaving attackers behind.


Instant access to industry-leading service providers in KYC, verification, data validation, transaction underwriting, threat intelligence, and risk assessment.


Unified tools for every cyber-risk discipline, including onboarding, user trust & safety, authentication, payments, and compliance.

Stop Attackers With
Cloud Muscle

Stop Attackers With
Cloud Muscle

  • Go from insight to action in seconds

  • Connect to a world of data

  • See clearly beyond your borders

  • Automatically leverage AI

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Go from insight to action in seconds

Unified cloud platform ties investigation, analytics, decision automation, and enforcement into one intuitive workflow.

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Connect to a world of data

Instant access to industry-leading service providers in verification, validation, underwriting, and risk assessment.

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See clearly beyond your borders

Harness network insights on behavior and reputation built from clean and comprehensive cloud-collected data.

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Automatically leverage AI

Automatically learn from failed logins, declined payments, and abandoned challenges to evolve toward perfect performance.

Complete Visibility & Control

SpecTrust monitors and protects the entire user session. In your secure hub, you can view each customer’s behavior profile and track their journey through your site in real time. Use this information to drive decisions that reduce friction for known users and add step-up authentication for suspicious actors. Automate decisions via our policy editor, adjust outcomes with expert review, investigate risky user sessions, and uncover the true drivers of your fraud economics.

Meet Our Team

We’re a multifaceted team that’s spent decades on front lines of the fight against cybercrime. Along the way, we’ve built products, partnerships, and teams that have redefined trust on the Internet. In the face of persistent pressure from broad spectrum of criminal threats, we’ve learned what it takes to win: depth in strategy, unity in focus, simplicity in execution, automation in operations, and above all, collaboration - with each other, with our partners, and with our customers.

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