Unifying the Fight Against Cybercrime

Why we're here

We believe that establishing trust on the Internet doesn’t need to be so difficult. We’ve spent our careers embedded with the unsung heroes working behind-the-scenes to keep the online world safe. As the broader tech industry raced to the cloud, these defenders have been left behind to cobble together their own tools with limited resources and no common language to unite them. Today, these cyberfighters are forced into measuring their accomplishments by how much they’ve lost. We couldn’t stand for that any longer.

We took the experience of our decades in this industry and decided to build a different kind of product and a different kind of company. We envisioned and built a code-free platform that makes securing trust on the Internet easy, seamless, extensible, and mission-focused. In doing so, we’ve freed up engineers to do their best work on core projects and we’ve given cyberfighters everywhere a common language and high-spec tools to fight criminals and win.

where we're going

SpecTrust is leading the charge to unify the fraud industry while putting the power back in the hands of merchants, service providers, and creators. When all anti-fraud experts speak the same language and use tools that work together, businesses are free to focus on delivering meaningful online experiences.

Meet Our Team

Nate Kharrl

Patrick Chen

Matt Kharrl
VP of Engineering

Julie Yang
Head of Growth

Matthew Bitzer
Head of Sales

Brandon Smith
Sales Development

Jess Semeraro
Sales Development

Jay Cunningham
Backend Engineer

Claire Amalfitano
Frontend Engineer

Justin Wayne
Frontend Engineer

Genifer Redington

Matthew Planchard
Backend Engineer

Tehya Rassman
Frontend Engineer

Anthony Micara
Product Success

Jonathan Tasman

Rachel Kelmenson
Backend Engineer

Emily Beasley
Technical Project Manager

Mark Noe
Product Success

Esther Chung
DevOps Engineer

Grant Redfearn
DevOps Engineer

Jason Jenkins
DevOps Engineer

our values

We are driven by service and compassion.

We choose to put empathy and compassion into the world through service to the people that need our help the most.

We are whole, diverse, authentic people.

We value, respect, and incorporate the entirety of our diverse perspectives, aspirations, and beliefs to forge strong relationships and build with heart.

We are radically accountable.

We bear a responsibility to make the world around us better, and to help everyone united in this cause.

We are always learning.

We are driven to learn, grow, and innovate through questioning conventions, always having a desire to know, and embracing when we’re wrong with humility.

We are mission-focused.

Together, we take continual, focused, passionate, and practical action towards achieving our mission.


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Commitment to diversity

We are SpecTrust: whole, diverse, authentic people. Some of us have had the same identity since the day we were born, while the rest of us have come into ourselves through a series of life events. We recognize that companies are made out of people, and strive to build a company that celebrates the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. This idea is so important that it became a core value around which we built the company. We’re dedicated to sustaining an environment that’s inclusive of people like you, exactly as you are.

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