Unifying the The Fight Against Cybercrime

Why We're Here

We believe that establishing trust on the Internet doesn’t need to be so difficult. We’ve spent our careers embedded with the unsung heroes working behind-the-scenes to keep the online world safe. As the broader tech industry raced to the cloud, these defenders have been left behind to cobble together their own tools with limited resources and no common language to unite them. Today, these cyberfighters are forced into measuring their accomplishments by how much they’ve lost. We couldn’t stand for that any longer.

We took the experience of our decades in this industry and decided to build a different kind of product and a different kind of company. We envisioned and built a code-free platform that makes securing trust on the Internet easy, seamless, extensible, and mission-focused. In doing so, we’ve freed up engineers to do their best work on core projects and we’ve given cyberfighters everywhere a common language and high-spec tools to fight criminals and win.

Where We're Going

SpecTrust is leading the charge to unify the fraud industry while putting the power back in the hands of merchants, service providers, and creators. When all anti-fraud experts speak the same language and use tools that work together, businesses are free to focus on delivering meaningful online experiences.

Meet Our Founders

We’re a multifaceted team that’s spent decades on front lines of the fight against cybercrime. Along the way, we’ve built products, partnerships, and teams that have redefined trust on the Internet. In the face of persistent pressure from broad spectrum of criminal threats, we’ve learned what it takes to win. Depth in strategy, unity in focus, simplicity in execution, automation in operations, and above all, collaboration - with each other, with our partners, and with our customers.


Nate Kharrl

Nate has brought fraud and security products to market for eBay, ThreatMetrix, and Akamai Technologies. He’s seen the struggles of enterprise fraud teams up close, from both the merchant and the solution point-of-view. He’s guided top-10 banks through digital transformation projects, helped popular microlenders survive and thrive in attack-rich environments, and armed market-leading ecommerce companies utilize machine learning to achieve new levels of performance. Nate has seen how tens of thousands of fraud-fighters are running ragged to keep up with new attackers, changing application requirements, and a solution space in constant motion; he’s passionate about empowering each of them to win.


Patrick Chen

Patrick is passionate about creating a cohesive platform of industry solutions to arm fraud fighters against attacks on their sites. Always looking to combine different technologies to roll out innovative solutions, he’s driven fraud product growth and partner strategies at eBay, ThreatMetrix, and LexisNexis and has helped bring to market a number of innovations in banking, payments, and compliance. Patrick is focused on creating tools that transform the business model of fighting fraud, saving companies money while freeing up developers to create new products and features and drive success.


Bryce Verdier

A Bay Area native, Bryce has spent much of his career creating highly efficient and secure processes in the fraud, CDN, and e-commerce spaces. He's built and implemented company-wide security procedures to prove IPO readiness at Fastly, automated engineering systems while reducing deployment risk at ThreatMetrix, and has spoken internationally about automated tools that can be used to protect companies' confidential information while reducing costs and developer time. Bryce has a passion for privacy and automation, contributes to systems that keep secret data secret, and believes anything, no matter how great, can always be made better.

Our Values

firm handshake

We are driven by service and compassion.

We choose to put empathy and compassion into the world through service to the people that need our help the most.

person with diverse traits

We are whole, diverse, authentic people.

We value, respect, and incorporate the entirety of our diverse perspectives, aspirations, and beliefs to forge strong relationships and build with heart.

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We are radically accountable.

We embrace the responsibility to make the world around us better, both inwardly and to the absolute limit of our reach, and to help everyone united in this cause.

brain thinking

We are always learning.

We are curious people that question convention, are honest when things aren’t working, are humble when we need help, and are courageous in the face of change.

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We are mission-focused.

We take continual, focused, passionate, and practical action towards achieving our mission.


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