Stop fraud and identity abuse
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How can no-code fraud defense shut down evolving threats for good?

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Unify your teams, data, and tools on one no-code platform

SpecTrust ROAM enables you to get ahead of constantly shifting cybercrime threats without writing a single line of code. Protect every customer experience instantly while saving millions on engineering and operations costs.

Built to protect powerful customer experiences


Security is job one. The SOC 2 compliant SpecTrust ROAM platform secures data using 256-bit encryption keys, derives insights from depersonalized data, and enforces secure connections to your orchestrated point solutions providers.


SpecTrust ROAM's proprietary secure stream processor transforms any internet traffic into normalized data and valuable insights in 20ms or less with virtually perfect horizontal scalability.


The SpecTrust ROAM platform is SOC 2, CCPA, and GDPR standards compliant and can adjust to ensure your organization's specific compliance needs are met.


SpecTrust’s unique architecture allows for stateful data collection across a horizontally scaling platform that intelligently responds to your needs. With SpecTrust ROAM, your defenses are always up, fast, and on target.


The SpecTrust ROAM platform operates in customer-dedicated environments that can be region locked to keep your data right where you want it. Depersonalized analytics and dynamic masking drives accurate risk and identity decisions while protecting end user privacy.

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