Cloud Infrastructure For All Your Fraud & Abuse Prevention Needs

SpecTrust At A Glance

SpecTrust provides an all-in-one defense solution for identity abuse & fraud, enabling your company's talent to stay focused on the core business. SpecTrust's cloud-native solution enables you to detect and verify risky users before they ever reach your servers.

Cloud-Native Benefits

Cloud-Native Benefits

  • Integrate once, protect everything.

  • Business-driven data exploration.

  • No APIs to manage. Ever.

  • We handle new attacks. You keep innovating.

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Integrate once, protect everything.

Empower anyone in your business to gain deep insights, isolate abuse patterns, model decision automation, and enforce protections with a single, unified platform.

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Business-driven data exploration.

Focus your developers on projects that matter to you and let our cloud platform provide the detailed forensics and analytics the business needs to fight fraud and win.

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No APIs to manage. Ever.

The SpecTrust platform connects your business with the data they need - no matter where it lives - without you having to write a single line of code. Ever.

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We handle new attacks. You keep innovating.

We empower your business to detect and respond to emerging attack tactics without impacting your innovation roadmap.

What does your identity abuse & fraud defense infrastructure need to win against today's threats?
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The Spec Defense Platform


Security is job one. SpecTrust secures data using customer-dedicated 256-bit encryption keys and enforces strict TLS encryption whenever data enters or leaves the platform.


Our proprietary secure stream processor transforms wild internet traffic into normalized data and valuable insights in 10ms or less with virtually perfect horizontal scalability. That’s over ten times faster than you can blink.


SpecTrust’s global-scale architecture takes advantage of automatic replication, endless horizontal scalability, and automated recovery to ensure we’re always up, fast, and on target.


Customer-dedicated data shards can be region locked to keep your data right where you want it. Depersonalized analytics and dynamic masking drives accurate network decisions while protecting end user privacy.

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