Policy & Risk Strategy Management

Confidently secure the entire customer journey

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Comprehensive identity, behavior, and reputation data empowers you to identify high-risk users anywhere along the customer journey.

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Hone policy performance through automatic feedback from investigations and on-platform outcomes.

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Leverage code-free intelligence with world-class data services to achieve peak accuracy in your risk-assessment strategy.

cloud-deployed tools deliver unmatched visibility & control

cloud-deployed tools deliver unmatched visibility & control

  • Intelligent policy performance management

  • All the data you need under one roof

  • Instant deployment and fine-tuning

  • Predictive policy performance analytics

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Intelligent policy performance management

Craft transparent policies driven by operational feedback and on-platform outcome data.

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All the data you need under one roof

Your policy engine leverages data from across the user journey, application trends, and external data sources to provide you with a complete view of fraud and abuse risk.

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Instant deployment and fine-tuning

Instantly adjust policy and workflows to defeat shifting attacker tactics and meet new business needs.

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Predictive policy performance analytics

Performance monitoring and what-if analytics allow you to drive accurate, predictable performance using all of your insights.

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